Our Services

Real Estate Management

Discover a superior brand of real estate management with Asset Link Limited, and walk away from your property investment with a confidence and security that can be felt only when dealing with the finest. We are dedicated to providing every client we represent with the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and care imaginable. Working closely with our clients, we identify the needs of each individual property and come up with a plan that will safeguard and maintain your property investment.

Buying & Selling Property

We are dedicated to providing every client we represent with the highest level of professional property management expertise imaginable. At Asset Link, we believe in working closely with our clients in identifying their individual needs and goals to make their property operate more efficiently and effectively, with special attention to the bottom line.


Looking for tenants for your property has become much easier with Asset Link Limited. Fishing through a sea of tenants, we work hard so that you don’t have to; we cut through the clutter and provide you with tenant options that fit your price range and meet your requirements.

Handling Legalities

Executing deeds, rental and lease agreements, filing of permits and certificates, evaluations – We will fulfill all necessary legal and municipal requirements when purchasing, selling, renting, or leasing properties .

Property Management

If you plan on being away from your property investment for an extended amount of time, do so with the security and satisfaction of acquiring Asset Link Limited’s services. We can handle tenants, collect rent, make utility and insurance payments, safeguard the physical aspects of your property, and even make sure your residential taxes are paid off.