Our Services

Investment Advisory Services

The Investment Advisory team at Asset Link Limited provides top class research, advice, strategy, pricing, and execution, to individuals and institutional investors seeking investments in a range of avenues. We filter through a wide network of opportunities to ensure that appropriate, custom-tailored products are accessible to you based on your objectives.

We offer unique prospects in emerging and developed markets while providing non-discretionary recommendations based on characteristics such as risk profile, investment horizon, liquidity, and asset type, etc.

Look in to our alternate investments, real estate investments, and bullion investments to see which path is suitable for you.

Alternate Investments

Our team offers a very flexible and upfront approach to alternate investments; you tell us the preferred investment amount and investment tenure, and based on the goals you have as an investor, Asset Link Limited will present a variety of viable and lucrative investment opportunities for you to choose from.

The investments we offer facilitate a trading transaction or a joint venture in a commercial paper structure that is transparent and Shariah friendly. The trading establishments range from exciting emerging ventures to developed business conglomerates, and all options presented are supported with current market research.

When working with Asset Link Limited, it is principal that investors are comfortable and satisfied. Investors will continue to maintain their funds in a financial institution and make investments when they choose. The decision to invest, and the control of funds, will be placed solely with the investor at all times.

Real Estate Investments

There is no better time to invest in Sri Lanka’s real estate than right now. With the country’s booming tourism industry, as well as the commercial expansion of the East Coast, Asset Link Limited is in a strong position to channel investors toward viable real estate investment opportunities all over the island.

Real estate is an important asset in any portfolio and our customized real estate solutions are sure to meet the requirements for private and institutional asset allocation. We leverage the opportunities that rise from current market cycles to benefit our clients, and our in-depth market knowledge underpins our investment strategy and helps to deliver high returns.

Additionally, structured real estate investments such as Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) are being developed internally. Our expansive knowledge and hands-on approach to real estate investing provide exceptional opportunities for all investors.


Asset Link Limited gives private investors, institutional investors, and fund managers access into the professional bullion market, so that you can benefit from the buying and selling of bullion. Our investment advisors are knowledgeable and able to assist you in exploring all of the unique opportunities available.

Compared to the considerable stock of financial assets, bullion investment is a tiny portion that is yet to be fully exposed in Sri Lanka. Join hands with Asset Link Limited and discover the novel opportunities waiting for you with bullion investments.