Our Services

Our services depend largely on one factor: what our clients need for growth. As an entrepreneur or investor, our clients need certain elements to ensure their success, and Asset Link Limited is here to guarantee it to them with a variety of services honed to perfection. Corporate Finance & Advisory, Private Investment Structuring, Private Equity & Fund Placement, and Real Estate Management: these are the titles assigned to a broad range of services all available to our clients for their development. Our multidisciplinary approach to management and investment consulting offers tailored solutions to high-profile investors, new shareholders, SMEs, and multinational corporations. The personalized packages offered to our clients calculate many components, with majority focus on the client’s goals, combined with professional expertise. Learn how Asset Link Limited commits people, capital, and ideas to help our clients, shareholders, and community grow.

Corporate Finance and Advisory

Asset Link Limited provides unparalleled Corporate Finance and Advisory services, including but not limited to, corporate and financial restructuring, strategy formulation, business process re-engineering, feasibility studies, and the compilation of detailed business plans and research reports.Categorized as either an SME or a multinational corporation, all companies can use additional assistance every now and then. Turn to Asset Link Limited for corporate advisory services, business restructuring, strategy formulation, business process reengineering, feasibility studies, and to compile business plans and research reports.

Private Investment structuring

The Investment Structuring team at Asset Link Limited provides top class research, advice, strategy, pricing, and execution, to individuals and institutional investors seeking investments in a range of avenues. We filter through a wide network of opportunities to ensure that appropriate, custom-tailored products are accessible to you based on your objectives. Current investment types that Asset Link Limited offers include alternate investments, real estate investments, and bullion investments.Meet with our advisory specialists to discuss your particular requirements and goals concerning your investment;...

Alternate investments

The pursuit of growth for an investor requires more than just options. It needs the ability to spot a truly unique opportunity – a chance to develop and mature into something remarkable. Asset Link Limited offers you this opportunity accompanied with research on companies, industries, and major markets island-wide.

Real Estate Management

Offering the highest level of professional property management imaginable, Asset Link Limited can aid you in buying or selling residential and commercial property anywhere in Sri Lanka. Our dedicated team is constantly updated with the latest property laws and regulations so that we can provide you with advanced solutions when handling legalities such as deed execution, property evaluation, and the filing of permits. From managing tenants to handling utility and insurance payments, Asset Link Limited guarantees to safeguard the physical and financial aspects of your property.