Asset Link Limited aims to be the premier choice for organizations attaining corporate advancement.


Our mission is to be innovative, dependable business consultants by offering customized management and investment solutions, far beyond industry standards, to organizations from a multitude of sectors.

Core Values

Quality: From our skilled and talented employees, to each of the organizations we affiliate ourselves with, quality will be found in every aspect of our business.

Reliability: At Asset Link Limited, we manage our business and everything entrusted to our care honestly and ethically. We will continually earn the trust and respect of our clients while enhancing our company’s reputation.

Commitment: We will always offer optimum solutions for our clients and strive for our company to perform far beyond expectations.

Corporate Citizenship

All of us at Asset Link Limited, individually and as a whole, believe whole-heartedly in being a responsible corporate citizen and in making a significant contribution towards community development. We are adherent to the “Triple Bottom Line” - the development, nurturing, and regeneration of the nation’s economic, social, and environmental capital. Ingrained in to our way of life, our tradition of returning to society what we have taken, will forever remain a part of what Asset Link Limited currently is and aims to always be.